Often asked: How To Transport Paintings In A Car?

How do you transport paintings safely?

Wrap the painting in bubble wrap with the bubbles facing away from, rather than against, the surface. Do not wrap a painted surface in bubble wrap. If the painting is framed, reinforce the frame corners with cardboard. Place the wrapped painting in a slightly larger, sturdy box.

How do you transport art?


  1. Match the Artwork With Appropriately Sized Boxes. Sort your artwork according to size.
  2. Mark Glass With an ‘X’
  3. Protect the Artwork’s Face.
  4. Wrap Artwork With Paper and Bubble Wrap.
  5. Test Movement.
  6. Seal the Box Thoroughly.
  7. Mark the Box With Contents and Descriptor.
  8. Position the Boxes in the Truck.

How do you transport a framed painting?

The Best Way to Safely Transport Framed Artwork

  1. Secure the Glass.
  2. Cover the Frame.
  3. Wrapping the frame itself with a layer of bubble wrap or cushioned material will prevent the corners of the frame from damage during transport and keep it easy to handle.
  4. Use a Fitted Box.

How do you transport a valuable painting?

Cover the face of the piece with another sheet of cardboard. Put another sheet or two of cardboard on each side of the painting to create a stronger foundation and to prevent bending of the artwork. Wrap tape around the cardboard pieces to secure them together.

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What is the cheapest way to ship a painting?

How to Ship a Canvas or Painting

  1. USPS is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Canvas or Painting. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship your hard canvas, the best option is to ship with the US Postal Service.
  2. Save Money with Shipping Software.
  3. Properly Packaging your Canvas.
  4. Don’t Forget the Insurance.

How do you transport a large painting on a car?

Generally, it is better to transport art on edge rather than flat. We like to put art in the back seat on the floor at an angle leaning against the back seat. Sometimes the passenger seat can be leaned back to help secure the framed piece.

How much does it cost to ship a 16×20 canvas?

I just shipped one of my 16×20 paintings and it was $25 to ship through UPS. I would use the post office but they’re so rough with items and they don’t have a box to fit a 16×20 painting.

How much does it cost to ship a painting Fedex?

Small or medium-sized paintings on canvas can be shipped via UPS or Fedex for approximately $10-$50, depending on the size. Declaring value (similar to insurance) will add more to the price of shipping as well. Large paintings that are over 30 inches in one dimension usually cost at least $50 to ship via UPS or Fedex.

How do artists ship paintings?


  • Smaller works can be shipped in new, double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Anything larger than 48” on one side should be crated for maximum protection.
  • Unmounted artwork can be rolled and shipped in tubes that are at least 4 inches longer than the shortest side of the piece when it’s rolled flat.
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How do you transport paintings on a plane?

Air Travel Considerations Package the art in a cushioned box or suitcase. Check with the airline before flying to ensure the packaged artwork meets carry-on requirements and that the airplane has the means to stow the art safely. Most airlines allow you to travel with crated artwork in your checked luggage.