Quick Answer: What Type Of Paint Does Collette Miller Use For Her Angel Wing Paintings?

Who painted Nashville wings?

It was one of 14 large-scale works organized and curated by the Nashville Walls Project, and was painted by Australian artist Guido Van Helten.

Did Colette Miller attend art school?

Art has continued to define most of my life’s purpose since graduating Art School at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, continuing film studies at UCLA, editing,filming for Econews, independent documentary film projects in Burkina Faso on the water shortage,and on The Global Angels Wings Project with the

How did Colette Miller start doing street art?

Miller moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and began her Global Angel Wings Project in 2012 to “remind humanity that we are the angels on this Earth.” One day she was depressed and stuck in gridlock freeway traffic and began to imagine how much better the sterile buildings around her would be with angel wings on them.

What cities have angel wings?

The Global Angel Wings Project Soars Beyond The City of Angels

  • 1 The Los Angeles Global Wings.
  • 2 The Global Angel Wings Project. 2.1 New York City. 2.2 Philadelphia. 2.3 Washington, D.C. 2.4 Hawaii. 2.5 Kenya. 2.6 The Jungle in Calais France.

How much does it cost to have a mural painted?

The average cost per square foot for murals is $10 to $35. Less detailed paintings by less experienced painters will run at a lower rate than more intricate paintings by experienced muralists. Extremely high-detail projects by in-demand artists can cost as much as $50 per square foot.

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Where are the wings in LA?

Perhaps the most-photographed angel wings are painted on a roll-up door at the Regent Theater, located at 446 S. Main St. in Downtown L.A. Acclaimed L.A. photographer Gary Leonard has photographed hundreds of Angelenos, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, standing in front of these wings.